After law school I married the most handsome young doctor and we settled in 'paradise' - a.k.a. Southwest Florida. We are raising three beautiful children, Alexandra, Blake and Brooks, who keep us young! 
Once the kids were all in school & I got tired of being a 'lady who lunched' I moved on to playing tennis.  Something was missing though, I needed to have a creative outlet so I decided I was going to make my daughter's hair bows. I have always loved 'creating' and really enjoyed making the bows but it was my desire to make monogrammed bows that launched Preppy In Paradise.  I bought my first commercial embroidery machine and the adventure began.
Before I even knew how to turn it on I had orders piling up- somehow people just trusted that I was going to figure it all out! I did, and a few months later I purchased a second machine and recruited friends to help me. Soon we were out of space and found a convenient brick (literally) & mortar spot in town to hang our shingle! Together with other excellent vendors we are Preppy In Paradise. 
I am so thankful for the strong relationships we have formed with many of our customers and after many years in business I look forward to continued growth and new challenges. I am exceedingly happy to 'create' on a daily basis while still having the freedom to spend oodles of time with my beautiful children and husband. It is now my privilege to provide people with fun and functional items - and still play tennis as often as possible!
Yours truly,
Leanne McDonald Luehrman

Photo by Willow Hollow Photography, Naples, Florida